I'm Done With Buddy... (He's Gone.)


405 миӊ. көрүүлөр26

    Buddy has been replaced. He WILL NO LONGER BE MY FORTNITE CHUMP.
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    1. Rifty

      not gonna lie buddy's voice is deeper than i remember. he's becoming a man.

      1. addie the wilbur soot stan

        omg puberty he's like a 87 year old man now 😳

      2. Memer Kid

        He gonna betray you i know it

      3. Divine kay

        Why y’all hate on mushy so much :(

      4. Jayden Posadas

        I love Budy more

      5. Ruth Belliard


    2. Mr Bun

      Budward is the best

    3. Detop sk

      It's sad bc mushy is playing on x box so fighting was harder

    4. Ramen E

      Why is a 9 year old better than me :/

    5. YDK slayer

      1:51 dude has demons inside of him

    6. Landon Staats


    7. VenomXSlick

      Sloppy seconds

    8. zikilt

      Mushy better cuz he on my friends list

    9. YUNG BROS

      How anyoing this Kids are omg

    10. YUNG BROS

      These Kids be cappin'... He aint drinking no protein shakes

    11. Dizon Messiah

      muhsy is better

    12. Y2i Clips

      9:12 android users be like

    13. Namelxss

      Bro mushy is the anatomy of a FORTNITE squeaker.

    14. Rabbit vids

      I have 2 rabbits and they SONIC 👁️👄👁️

    15. Reynaldo Jimenez-Rojas

      Can u do more vids with mushy

    16. little knox

      (Horse whine laugh)

    17. Jjinxx

      omg not the michealp at 10:00

    18. Trey Sullivan

      Literaly no one: Mushy:Mbadambeda

    19. lol

      cash me out side how bout dat

    20. TydieAndTydus




    22. Jayden Posadas

      I like Budy more

    23. Logan-Scott Riley

      I have had 7 girlfriends

    24. Pluto Bot9899

      mushroom got worst singing and roasting

    25. Devlan B

      I like mushy

    26. ChimpGameZ

      todays my dog, buddy's 1 year birthday just wanted to say.

    27. Evan Fink

      6: HEY YOU POOPY HEAD GET OUT 12: Hey Ryan This is what you get for CHEATING ON ME WITH MY BEST FRIEND

    28. razor rex

      yeah rip d=buddy

    29. T D S

      In that deep voice challenge they did, I'd win any day bruh XD

    30. Tixoc Diaz

      95 pounds that’s a big fish

    31. Leslie Luu

      Gentle fish :)

    32. Drippy Gaming

      That’s him

    33. Drippy Gaming


    34. Derpthy

      He gotta be 9 yrs old now

    35. Marcos Mata

      I think mushy should have won bc honestly who’s better to play with a little 7 year old sweat it it a funny wholesome 7 year old

    36. Aiden games

      Mushy has to win

    37. Aiden games

      Mushy is nice😴😴

    38. Aiden games


    39. That_one_potato_lover

      Buddy’s voice is too deep already :(

    40. Alex P


    41. NightBot

      9:13 bro was talking enchanted table

    42. Ouma

      Ok so I’m watching this right now and it think mushy is the most annoying thing in the world

    43. Gauge Lea

      the other dude i s annoying ngl

    44. Diddykid98


    45. Person Productions

      5:19 The correct answer is 1 It proves how faithful you are and how dedicated you can be for someone or something

    46. Flashbot63

      She's on eggs box

    47. RysterBoi


    48. James Smith-Emry

      I’m on a computer i can’t tap

    49. OinksWasHere


    50. Not_yang 2x

      I would not tell who was who

    51. Astral Entity

      damn i'mm bad when a seven year old is better than me XD.

    52. Z

      I hate 5 year old human bad.

    53. SicknessXD

      Yoo, is that Corey???

    54. Lemm is otay

      How do those kids have discord they’re like 7

    55. KepButStep

      1:51 when u say one bad thing about a 5 yr old

    56. Kai the Panda

      Dude why is buddys voice deeper than mine

    57. BK_. king

      buddys voice !!!!

    58. Turtle_ YT


    59. DontGetSeen

      Buddy's voice said 📉

    60. DARG

      Aura: I'M CoMiN FoR DaT AsS


      on jah

    62. The three llamas

      POV: you got clickbaited

      1. Log_Jack8 ! Backup account

        POV: you liked your own comment

    63. Daniel Mauney

      Literally no one cares about the fact that Mushy was at 500 ping :/ poor Mushy :(

    64. Pro wolf 206

      I like when I have 500 ping because I usually have 1000

    65. Jase Falk

      I’m 7

      1. Jase Falk

        I’m sad

    66. Ib Gamingcool

      Buddies got in more me and I remember him being a nice innocent little boy 😬

    67. Holozz

      Mushy with the smoke

    68. HungryOtaku

      i hate mushy already, please never again

    69. FaZe coly

      Yea can you help me out step bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    70. dandura

      Tf is wrong with buddy's voice

    71. Secret_XxGhostss yt

      I'm 7 if you want me to be the child :)

    72. Skyler Bailey

      holy crap buddys voice is lower then last time

    73. marko horsey


    74. Theyesbest

      Buddys voice was so cute but now his voice sounds like he just had puberty

    75. Mathias mm9031024

      I loved the video, two young kids just arguing is so funny.

    76. Camila Bonilla

      when a 7 year old is more cracked than u

    77. Jwetz

      I feel bad for mushy.... (ALMOST)

    78. Jûst Kîng.

      A t 7:50 wear headphones and it will sound like a actual gunshot fired

    79. Microwave

      Dude has a 4 gf’s at 7 meanwhile I still have 0

    80. Julika

      love your shirt

    81. Chambadler


    82. NoTSaD

      9:14 if illiterate was a language


      4:10 true we need more andriod lovers

    84. Artic Fresh

      Bruh when I have the squeekeset vwoice

    85. TuNdRa -_-

      The rap battle made my whole day

    86. Rafael Ortiz

      Yoo buddy's things dropped my guy hit puberty early

    87. B0T WRLD Lol


      1. Log_Jack8 ! Backup account


    88. TZB R3D

      i can drive and i am 12

    89. Terribad

      i just came back after along time and holy sh-

    90. miz

      why is a 7 yr old better than me 😥

    91. NCR Ranger

      Ngl i can't tell who talking they all sound like annoying five year olds especially mushy

    92. Coolex boxed You

      Am I the only one that is waiting for him to delete his KGup channel. 🤣

    93. Bree Walters

      budward the alpha man heart eyes

    94. The MONKEY 69

      Bro i need more rap battle bro

    95. N0VA


    96. WaveRacer

      Fun fact: RIfty's shirt says a bad word

    97. PredX Gaming

      I miss youngbuddy

    98. Horsey 37

      There’s plenty of fish in the sea except mushy is fat and ate them all

    99. Lucas Eddings

      Bro mushy horrible

    100. Mr Dog Water

      625 not gonna lie that caught me off guard