Would You Rather With My Girlfriend (REGRET)


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    Would you rather with my girlfriend Becca in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 gameplay w Rifty & Peabee!
    Becca's Channel: kgup.info/must/2I1d5Rtlk_zZF5uJ4fWB2w.html
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    1. Rifty

      stop telling me the milk is running out

      1. Dallas Williams

        Godzilla is bad

      2. Wyatt Schaefer

        “Daddy” sorry but the milk is gone I drank it, want me to throw it up? YA I SAID IT AND WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT HUH? HUH? THATS WHAT I THOUGHT. lol XD

      3. FNC GAMING M3

        The milk ran out

      4. Octo_Ghost

        Your not milk gang how dare ye

      5. Blazing Flame

        Big Bang!!!!

    2. xThalion

      You don't know who Oscar is??? IT'S ME GOD DAMNIT


      4:49 bro i love dis pic soo much af

    4. Miki Drazic


    5. Atharv Misra


    6. MichaelsWorld

      Fifty is only 50% human if u don’t like pizza and chocolate then ur not human but if u don’t like chocolate but like pizza you’re 50% human and if you like both you’re 100% human Unless you’re allergic

    7. Nirelusko

      0:27 fortnite be entering super mario 64 mode

    8. Hello me Youtube

      1:48. O R A N G E G A N G ALERT

    9. Alin Plays

      1:43 im so dissapointed in u


      You disrespected dani's milk gang. You shal be stopped

    11. Holly Satterfield

      Be some one else i can be elon musk

    12. Holly Satterfield

      Sharks are very scared of dolphined

    13. Elijah Duran

      Spoiler King Kong is better than Godzilla

    14. xd Toru Oikawa

      5:37 because if u choose superpower then u can fight Crome so

    15. Ameno Data

      Milk is better me is Danni gang

    16. Lukey Plays


    17. P0ISON

      New girlfriend vs No fortnite Pepole who are single:

    18. Goose Patrol

      Right listen here you little sh** milk is fantastic

    19. Oscar Music

      6:53 its me And btw i love ur vids

    20. Plasma Willyツ

      im 4 ft

    21. Demonic Chicken

      The anime voice is so accurate it’s terrifying

    22. Alexander Baker

      Typical gamer played this with his gf. Coincidence?

    23. Mikhail Blanco

      can someone make a compilation of beccca making those Catgirl phrases lmao

    24. Mikhail Blanco

      no more fortnite! no more cards! no more 19 dollar cards!

    25. Mythical Ikonik

      I mean Australia is a desert I'm saying this as I'm also Australian lol

    26. Emad Magdy

      @Dani WUT IS ZIS

    27. Regulus

      You know honestly I would not mind if my girlfriend if I had 1 talked in an anime voice as long as they didn't say uwu

    28. Terexx _44

      Is rifoty indain

    29. Terexx _44


    30. Alexx

      My humour has devolved to 1:2 1:1 White truck dodge ram 2003CX

    31. hunter cool

      No more FORTNITE

    32. Spookypicachu

      Dani is coming for you

    33. William Afton

      1:49 no way the war between OJ and milk existed in fortnite 😳

    34. Karla the in radiator !


    35. Γιωργος Μεγαλος


    36. MrWaFFle

      Dani would be in anguish!!! 1:46

    37. Claude Casey

      I only have 1 realyngood friend

    38. milklord- Duffy

      But monke has axe

    39. ExpercticGaming

      Bruh ur not milk gang

    40. tdog5128

      Love the videos

    41. Phymxl

      0:40 that UWU made me think it was pokimane and that no tho 0:50 lmao

    42. Sci Fi WIFI

      Him: I could be walking around and stuff My mind: Knowing that he will die from the pressure

    43. Sean Moore

      Jack Bauer

    44. Xavior Branco


    45. Some Random Weeb *

      Voice changer or raw talent 🤔

      1. Some Random Weeb *


      2. Some Random Weeb *

        The UwU Part Ofc

    46. Pxt -_-

      I’m with you I don’t like choclate

    47. Chris Dunn

      I don't like chocolate to it grows

    48. XDHuskero


    49. Hr Gf

      The cat Femboy was to funny

    50. FudgeYT

      king kong is monke beat lizard

    51. Dykster


    52. Tpropel Ash

      Would you rather simple text or simple text

    53. mMmm hhh

      0:40 9:47

    54. Rhenz Angelo B. Dadea


    55. One Shot

      King Kong could take Godzilla cuz he’s smarter than Godzilla can use tools and if he can rip open a trex’s jaws at 25 feet imagine at 400 feet he could rip Godzilla’s jaws open easily and he has a battle axe in Godzilla vs Kong that’s made of Godzilla’s scale so in the past war between the species that is talked about in the trailer one of Kong’s ancestors got a scale from one of Godzilla’s ancestors so with Godzilla’s tail and the fact that he can slap things with it means that Kong’s ancestor killed that of Godzilla and Godzilla has atomic breath but Kong can deflect it with the battle axe as seen in the trailer when Kong smashed it on his head and without his atomic breath Godzilla’s just a giant lizard that’s dumber than Kong too and in the trailer Kong did all the damage and Godzilla didn’t hit him once in which Kong did a really good job avoiding attacks while Godzilla took every hit thrown at him.Kong’s also a good climber as seen in the original 1933 movie King Kong and the 2005 remake of the same name when he climbed the Empire State Building and Godzilla’s wins often come from a new radiation source like absorbing rodan which won’t happen because Rodan’s asleep in a volcano as seen at the end of Godzilla king of the monsters or getting a nuke dropped on him by dr serizawa which also won’t happen cuz Godzilla’s destroying the city and the humans are on Kong’s side.Finally Kong won in the 1962 version of Godzilla bs Kong so it will probably happen again.

    56. Luz Noceda

      8:25 Baljeet Tjinder that you?

    57. ⒶⓛⓣⒻ④ツ

      My man smiling at his grandma's funeral rip grandma

    58. Clide Duane Reed

      SHINZOU SASAGEYO Ai Ai Ai yamite kudasai So sorry

    59. iBronxly

      i got a bone bone when beccca said UwU

      1. GlassMelter


    60. Solo Entertainment

      Doge will rember that

    61. baby boober on pc

      bruh king kong has a freakin weapon

    62. very ballistic gaming

      _Quality conversations_

    63. RTBeez

      Someone call dani he orange juice gang

      1. RTBeez

        Youre right orange juice gang isnt cool milk gang is cool

      2. KozyKat

        Orange juice gang isn’t funny anymore

    64. Surface Kodiak

      I woulda chose milk but whatever

    65. TK Kermit

      UwU youw fowtnite giwfwend awe funwy wol

    66. Lil G Gang

      But Godzilla need power and it take years for Godzilla to recharge in that other Godzilla movie the government charge him or her up so he can beat that ugly monster so yeah King Kong winning

    67. Sam O'sullivan

      Some one was with them at would rather have dog or cat

    68. wilzyplayz

      milk danny

    69. Theboismell

      Must collab with ommpward again

    70. ay playz


    71. ay playz

      uur gf anime voice in whaat anime?

    72. Seann Arkell

      7:06 smile when bad things happen because it's going to be funny light if you're a funeral or something like that and then you're crying and moaning and stuff like that and then you just looked your left and this Guy randomly smiling

    73. Numba2

      Fun fact too much milk increases death chances and too much orange juice can get you diarrhea

    74. Sandra Marinkovic

      Im milk gang

    75. CDS24SF

      Yo if u choose milk u get chocolate milk and strawberry milk

    76. Charlene Ball

      One flaw to you breathing under water,go to deep you go splat

    77. swagboy 1

      the tumbnail tho

    78. Silem Aldaco

      becca:-doing lil girl vocie. cole:STO- WaIt I KinDa LikE It.

    79. Typical Tube


    80. Anderson Goncalves

      the chicken and cow extinction one is basically saying chick fil a or mcdonald’s

    81. DarkChicken Gamer

      Lol in the mid of this vid I got a Godzilla vs King Kong video

    82. SHATTER FX

      8:17 not exactly how that works...

    83. SHATTER FX

      6:58 same

    84. SHATTER FX

      5:47 you do realize Antarctica is a desert?

    85. WeHavLostOurWay

      Bro ain't even play fort but I would play it just to stop

    86. Kid get Ford Lol

      Did he just say his sister is his wife

    87. Dr. Fishy

      Beckword with the steak gang with me

    88. Memes_rl

      I love it because it says Would you smile in every bad thing. Mom: Your grandma has passed away. Me: *Smiles*

    89. CGL Loser Fake Smile ღ

      never mind i kinda like it

    90. TuNdRa -_-

      Never mind i kinda like it

    91. Ollie Bruh

      4:29 I like dat wAdNa Fu- Wu Da-

    92. jedi man rob

      On the thumbnail for sure new girlfriend over no fortnite

    93. sleepy

      Yo My name is oscar das crazy 😅

    94. Clipt

      The creator of the map: Young✍🏻Sheldon✍🏻 Big✍🏻Bang✍🏻Thory✍🏻

    95. Sahalaldeen Kamal-deen

      5:22 basically batman vs superman

    96. Armando Ruiz

      i already dumb so dumb instead of blind

    97. trying to get to 1k with no video

      3:43 the peoplewhocant see anything

    98. it is me

      team lizard

    99. OG Creag

      Being good looking does make you life easier, we ugly people get treated way different, like we wouldn't exist and that we would be the bottom in society

    100. spo0ky lukey

      I don’t think they know that dumb means you can’t talk