This Fortnite Youtuber Roleplayed Me


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    So a youtuber named learnkids roleplayed me on #fortnite...
    #rifty #epicpartner
    Check out the original video here!:

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    1. Rifty

      do i really sound like that? 😞

      1. T3MP3R3D WH0S0N


      2. Axel Martinez,

        Hell no boi

      3. Broofthebros124 Roblox

        Before puberty

      4. Saba Kobiashvili


      5. Angel Rodriguez

        Hell no


      Yo ok bye

    3. Justin

      This is so stupid

    4. I am dream

      LETS GO

    5. SleepZzz gaming

      I ducking hate Fortnite roleplays

    6. RINKOS2612

      0:00 btw

    7. Caleb Womack


    8. Gunnar was taken

      You have to try Ketchup with eggs especially scrambled eggs

    9. Angel Rodriguez

      The guy that was replaying as you is learnkids

    10. Man that calls himself- JK

      🤣OMG haha that address reminds me of my kindergarten password haha 😂

    11. Karla the in radiator !

      Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is..................good

    12. Tilling Lamb

      Can you plz react to recon gamerz plz your one of my favorite KGupr and plz react to the house party one plz

    13. Robert Bala


    14. Brian Ross

      "buddy's black?"

    15. Eric Barron

      bro when he said ''lets go'' he sounded like luigi or mario😂

    16. Josue Jeremias


    17. Foolsi


    18. Ryan & Jen Del Marcelle


    19. Brady James

      Help (breathes heavily) me the toilet part almost killed me literaly

    20. Sid

      This is a certified hood classic

    21. Mr Godzilla Gaming

      Do me next I not that good

    22. Mango

      13:04 you got games on yo phone?

    23. Juan Torres

      I like ketchup with eggs sorry im ugly

    24. jet k610

      i have someone for you to react to who does rps his name is fadeyrp

    25. Juergen Francisco

      I eat ketchup on eggs

    26. Joseph El Manakhly

      i know what you mean

    27. Random STUFF69

      Turn off notifications

    28. Indominus moose

      2:08 But it’s not early. It’s literally almost noon.

    29. Tyedup Eren

      I’m eating sour boys

    30. Danibalistic_ UwU

      I love how of instead if saying “i made” he says “I c r e a t e d”

    31. Super Mario Elliot

      I got the best idea make this right now Walmart Fortnite fruit gummy‘s

    32. SHF Echo

      What skin is that tho?

    33. Jab

      14:03 “This is exactly what happens”. So you’re saying you point a proximity grenadelauncher at Buddy’s head to get him to say what you want?!

    34. Obito Uchiha

      AY YOO

    35. Obito Uchiha


    36. Juic3y_J14


    37. FRANK spicciati

      No offense but why are your thom nails all about you know

    38. SoaR Reedus

      Don't disrespect my boy daryl dixon like that I will mess with you

    39. Jackson Walczak

      DUDE no joke I always wear the eat sleep fortnite repeat shirt all the time it's my favorite!!

    40. general kinobi

      I'm 2 weeks late but lannan went from messing up the bathroom to becoming tyrone biggums when he saw them sourboys

    41. Alex Segura

      Did he say it smells like salida and boo boo

    42. Master Squid

      Pain arc nahh poopoo arc

    43. Dire

      bruhtifed bruh classbruh

    44. Curry

      2:11 calm down jamal

    45. I am dream

      I have that fort nite shirt

    46. Macky Joy

      POV: rifts looking at a snack

    47. princeboy12

      What's wrong with ketchup on eggs😡😡😠😠😠🥵🥵🥵

    48. CS Azi

      He’s black no like it maters but I though he was Mexican

    49. Shannan Johnson


    50. Gaming With Danial

      He collabed With Oompaville

    51. MrDorito Flamas

      “I got so scared I thought I got kidnapped by the 3 little piggies” I died laughing🤣🤣🤣

    52. Elizabeth Woodstock

      Bruh ketchup on eggs is the best thing ever

    53. tubthumber


    54. Foxybyrne

      When you’re debating with your friend about who is going to win in Godzilla versus Kong 2:17

    55. Comic Maker20

      I like roleplays but not these ones

    56. Sebbiajim

      My birth day is October 18

    57. Nicholas Yurrr

      “Buddys black?...... I thought he was Mexican”😂😂😂

    58. GqbrielFN


    59. govetio blue

    60. Ismael Mendoza Villanueva

      Part 2

    61. Abram H

      2:53 toilet tisssue??????

    62. Jonesy


    63. Tash Fidler

      Do fortnite videos again

    64. Exoticzcool GG

      kecup on egg is tasty

    65. King Twinkie

      When he said he doesn't cook i thought he was gonna say Becca cooks for me 😂

    66. ? um


    67. Boxer Boi1

      The australian voice is as offensive as the american pretending to be british ;----;(sidenote:im british ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    68. illydarkz

      He hearted my comment be4



    70. Commander Cookie

      can you do me next

    71. Furious BearGaming

      What have I poisoned my eyes with?

    72. Alan P


    73. Postforfun


    74. Steve

      2:35 *inhales* hello mario

    75. NGB N308AT

      Petition to add sourboys as a heal in fortnite | | V

    76. Elijah Cooper

      👎 no

    77. xmas buddy


    78. 6F Skye


    79. Mr Grapple


    80. Mr Moose

      Buddy’s black¿

    81. Berry👁👅👁

      I’m sassy

    82. Samuel Powers

      That Australian accent actually makes me feel ill 🤧 🇦🇺🦘🍆

    83. Bill Joynson

      Is he licking the fridge 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆🤣

    84. Carter Butler


    85. xXTarlesXx

      Tu eres el unico de EE.UU que me hace gracias

    86. Xtreme neon

      toilet helicopter

    87. Mason-fnaf

      Sour boi's

    88. John Ryan

      M-I-C-K-E-Y. M-O-U-S-E. It's what he sounds like

    89. Mikun

      Excuse me ☠️☠️☠️ I’m eating 👁👄👁

    90. Sus boy 2

      Bro he is one of the best players players

    91. ClipzRPs

      Learnkids is the main man

    92. disgusting child

      “I thought he was Mexican”

    93. 3ND3RM4N _777

      11:32 Exposed 😱🤯😱🤯😱🤯😱🤯😱😨😱🤯

    94. Jiro offical

      *I thought I got kidnapped by the 3 lil piggies*

    95. OTW_ Jamar

      no more fortnite 😢

    96. Imauro Pina

      Dude he caught you on 4K

    97. Henry Kamstra

      dang he went to get milk again

    98. Dreamz

      Boys it's been 3 days, I think he needed more milk.

      1. that1boihaha


    99. Brittany Cusack

      I guess he’s gone again

    100. Loona

      pls continue the bruh moments channel, it was some quality content