So I Triggered Kids in Creative Fills...


296 миӊ. көрүүлөр14

    Today I trolled kids in Fortnite creative fills and they were triggered.
    The LEGENDARY Map Creator! @HELLRAISER Gaming
    Use this code to try on your friends or random kids!

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    1. Rifty

      the war with sweats has begun. we will prevail.

      1. Somerandom_Soul

        Sup fifty I haven't seen you since 1 year in a half I came to check in and your doing great keep up the great work

      2. Fushonmadman

        Whatever it takes

      3. Funnydog 123

        No more sweaty boissss

      4. BlueHatter Gaming

        Bet I could make you a map if I had support a creator

      5. Steelraven07

        Boo sweats

    2. Coolaccoun Apple


    3. ZX Zack

      Captain: karen:my son is an angel he so cute.her son:

    4. EPRIKA eksi

      6:36 LMAO

    5. AKA_Austin

      caption: when you loose a game but ur parents are sleeping

    6. M4r3k

      1:52 wait a minute thats da german version

    7. Lauren Lemon

      they only wanna play 1v1 maps but they never 1v1 eachother...

    8. Lisinfilm


    9. Video Kid7234

      I used this map to scares someone. It was perfect 👌

    10. what's up turkey sausage the 3rd

      All I gotta say is 12:45

    11. ARTYmations

      12:46 don't take that out of context...

    12. Wilmar Reyes


    13. Carson Alexander

      Caption: when you’re wanted in 5 states for tax evasion but you’re also very popular on Instagram.

    14. QuaZFor130

      I can already see the "do not try this map at 3am" type videos 😂

    15. Mason MacCracken

      yo riftward

    16. Cup Of Joe

      Is nobody gonna talk about 1:52

    17. Simcha Mensink


    18. harvey annison

      lets go!!

    19. jayjay

      Caption:when you come into you little cousins room and he is playing 4tn8

    20. Lefty wefty

      Caption: it’s a Sunday night

    21. Real WHY ?

      Nice Videos

    22. Tek Ben

      Caption: when my teacher tells me to turn my camera on when my parents are arguing about who should take the kids

    23. 3867 Gaming

      Caption nobody the bug in my room annoying me

    24. Naetgaming21

      FoRtNiTe NiSsAn EvEnT 🤣😂

    25. RINKOS2612

      Are you the Earth ninja from Lego Ninjago?.... 😳😳

    26. motex


    27. StormRyder Gaming

      SHIZZAAAAAA (13:49)

    28. 3867 Gaming

      caption me when my teacher says if you don’t want to do the work just leave

    29. Niko bellic

      lol not all kids where my car guys at?

    30. DatDecidueye

      Caption: when ur so annoying to ur parents they divorce

    31. Ruv

      I can finally play creative with a purpose

    32. Catattack Oz

      3. 2. 1. Gggffgooggogog

    33. Diana Diana

      ay man a youtuber marwen is threating me with deleting my IP address if I don't comment on his vids , but he is kind of nice so just please comment him to stop this please, cos he is scaring kids in to thinking he can hack their accounts

      1. OnlyLacial🍉


    34. MoboBear

      Go go go go 1:02

    35. Craig

      I agree as a default myself

    36. メSiͥleͣnͫ†

      Caption: POV: your a nine year old and you just got Snapchat

    37. F1shsticks

      caption: my first instagram post

    38. pan kake

      Caption: You think someone is taking a picture of you but its the person behind you.

    39. Virtual communities

      caption: me when my mom says i'm not aloud to play because i'm sick

    40. Juergen Francisco

      Caption : when you throw pbj sandwich in the peanut allergy table in the cafeteria

    41. Envisionex

      Caption: your tinder profile pic

    42. Classy DrSumo

      Caption: look ma no hands

    43. Steelraven07

      The only thing I like about fortnite is creative I'm tired of always seeing 1v1 maps but that's all people do while I'm here building amazing adventure role play survival deathrun maps I want to get away from the sweats and all my friends do is play 1v1 red Vs blue box fights

    44. Simon Gorringe

      How do you get to the room with the buttons

    45. The Landon studios

      caption when you say to your mom wait until i die and then you die and your mom is watching

    46. Switch Power

      -This is a -*-certified-*- Hood Classic-

    47. Jorden Dietz

      me and the boys at 3 am internal dying because of the same sweat

    48. Hanary Han

      Not I want to play some fun maps like prop hunt or stuff like that

    49. eddie Ian games Linarte


    50. eddie Ian games Linarte

      Cocomelon has 110m subs

    51. pepiking

      Caption: when shes home alone 😏😏

    52. Origins

      He was listening to dababy in the thumbnail

    53. Yee T

      Jesus loves You

    54. dxrkweeb tiktok

      caption:me when I hit up my Fortnite gf

    55. GodzillaDragon

      Me blockyou is back

    56. Osiris Official

      me after me and my grandma get rough 😏

    57. Jack Healey

      pls go back to ow

    58. Domino Hank

      ᵒⁿˡʸ ᵖᵒᵍᵍᵉʳˢ ᶜᵃⁿ ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

      1. Angel Meekis


      2. xxDream_yt xx


      3. Epic XY


      4. Janelle Axline

        It is that guy from fortnite

      5. Sliced Cheese

        Only poggers know what bots are

    59. Bruh Moment

      Where are the army of riftyfish

    60. Realm

      your discord mods are soft

    61. Your dog 53

      what's up my sussy bakas

    62. Ammar Farooq

      caption : when u get your first phone

    63. Stefanie Letcher

      Darifty car go vrmm 1:40

    64. Roso

      Caption me telling my parents that i need to kill a space alien

    65. BXCLIFFx

      What's going on with Bruh Moments?

    66. CrytikFN


    67. wolf master cruzie Gammon

      caption: how I look when I play sports

    68. Im Kayza

      Caption: Just got my first girlfriend in fortnite.

      1. Im Kayza

        @OnlyLacial🍉 ?

      2. OnlyLacial🍉


    69. Keishon Graham

      Hamburger cheeseburger Big Mac Whopper

    70. Joshua Allen

      what was the damcode

    71. sikoT1

      caption: when you playing with the boys but your girl wants a pic

    72. Yeet Gaming

      Caption you found out your wife died

    73. EmsBat

      POV Won the 19 dollar fortnite card (;

    74. YaBoiTrix

      Caption:The pic i send to my Mom when im in school

    75. Matthew Cisneros

      And also captioned

    76. Matthew Cisneros

      The memes are coming through the world

    77. chhille1

      Me when I hear the witch screaming:ight ima head out m8

    78. BigBrotherRon Gaming

      12:15 has a specail link

    79. Bash

      War is goim on

    80. R1cePlayz

      this Is a certified hack client

    81. Hxvoc Hybrid

      Caption: Me sending my dad who has been gone for 4 years my first thicc vic roy

    82. John Jones

      This is an normal comment all of them are everyone saying CaPtIoNs

    83. GOOP1987

      Im here aftar 1 year

    84. ThoBy q

      POV that I seed to my mom that I was gonna stream.

    85. The real el Rubio

      Caption: I killed my grandma and 12 neighborhood children feeling so good today😁😁!

    86. Ashton Parry

      Caption: me when mom walks in on me looking at monkey do funny dance.

    87. Aarav

      Epic games: let's just pretend that did not happen

    88. LaneFrostRCB Ps4


    89. The official hamster

      caption: when you playing fortnite and you have to sing happy birthday to you cousin

    90. ๏ ώħч јùşţ ώħч ๏

      Caption: when you get a dub on Fortnite

    91. BeatzPlayz

      Caption: Me in 7th grade flexing my win on my snapchat story

    92. John Guido

      Caption: When you're playing minecraft with your girl and her spawnpoint is at your friends base next to his.

    93. John Guido

      Caption: When you're playing minecraft with your girl and her spawnpoint is at your friends base next to his.

    94. John Guido

      Caption: When you're playing minecraft with your girl and her spawnpoint is at your friends base next to his.

    95. NoobYT

      Caption: That one fat kid making his first TikTok

    96. StyroShillz

      cisco ramone

    97. LilAngle56

      Caption: ur watching the hub and ur best friend walks in

    98. dakota lnnit

      5:03 when you get a number 1 Vic Roy

    99. Amare Alleyne

      caption: your the boyfriend in friday night funkin

    100. Noob

      caption:when your mom makes pizza rolls