So I Played A BAD Fortnite Rip Off... 😭


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    Today #Rifty played a BAD #fortnite ripoff and it was LIT
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    1. Rifty

      use code rifty for more fartnite cuh last video:

      1. RyZeGaming

        Can I get download link

      2. T4

        can u tell me what’s this game called?

      3. Obello Avellino

        @wil dominguez Top

      4. Ttv ghost crane

        Ur a noob ur killing noobs ur not good

      5. matthew cooper

        i need this game show me NOW or POg

    2. Mariah Saunders

      The memes😅🤣🤣🤣

    3. 屮LimbZ屮

      My childhood:

    4. fresh-btw-

      Fortnite from wish

    5. penil


    6. It’s yo Boy


    7. cuti spades

      6:07 BEEEEA

    8. Elian Mendoza

      Give your editor a shoutout cuz I liked the part of an getting bemm

    9. One Bros

      Did he just say baddie... sheesh 🥶🥵

    10. Jypsy

      Terry Scott da Asian

    11. The Aussie Outback riders

      This is what FaZe Jarvis is playing now

    12. luke swerv

      God bless you repnt from your sins and god can lift u from anxiety or depression god is coming back soon and

    13. Grady Wkeysツ

      where can i get

    14. LG SM0KE

      Bavis Goctt

    15. Channel For Fortnite Gameplay

      2:39 ELIMINADO

    16. Xx WhiteWolf xX

      The correct terms would be mid quality Midas, draft, and my personal favorite Trevor skitt

    17. Rusalvan

      Better than nowadays Fortnite

    18. ABSM YT

      Plot twist:hes actualy playing fortnite on his school PC

    19. N.F Vexzy

      Whats the game called

    20. LzR Smxl

      How do i play this? lmao i juts wanna see what happens

    21. FlyingCats312

      It honestly doesn’t look that bad

    22. Camden Taylor

      Whats the game called?

    23. Pk Noah

      Baby Travis 😂😭👶🏾

    24. Jucey Duck :]

      Fortnite after debt

    25. rengoku

      What is this game called

    26. Karim farhat

      What is the name of it

    27. Slib

      Bro that’s not drift that’s turn

    28. Melissa Woods

      whats the game called?

    29. Jeremiah Hensley

      Me right now: I'ma go get a mc Donald's travy patty. My brain: Wait a minute HOLL UUPPP is that Travis Scott's meat!!!!

    30. Koltonyslicers

      What game is that

    31. TheNoob

      You look like becka

    32. gamer claps

      What is game

    33. Adam Gatti2169

      John fortnite attended his funeral

    34. Mono cool Gaming

      it looks like roblox lol

    35. -2000 IQ


    36. blckn_yellow

      When your to poor to play fortnite:

    37. Sunshine_ByPolar


    38. antxn 65

      what’s the name off this game 🤣

    39. NoScopeBoy

      put the game link in your comments please

    40. Lxwz

      honestly this looks better than fortnite

    41. fortnite False

      Were do you get this game and us it available in console

    42. EA

      WHAT I CAN ONLY PLAY ON 60 FPS Me a console player: sad noises

    43. Simba Oreo

      Try if you can double pump on that version

    44. Domenic Lattanzio

      Let's gooood

    45. Shemtag

      What is the game please ?

    46. ThatOne Kid25

      Imagine raging in a 3Ds version of Fortnite

    47. Soul Joseph


    48. Astro Spectrum


    49. Coliya Harris

      Travis scott have the face xxxtention

    50. Allison Hanf

      what is the games name i want to play

    51. sead japic

      5:29 Travis Bott

    52. Nathan King

      6:18 the face i make when i shot someone for 199 with a sniper

    53. gedeon_ szn

      Game name?

    54. Christian N

      Playing on a Samsung s5 be like

    55. Samuel Gill

      Give me a crabby patty

    56. Dead Orbit

      Haz in Spanish means “ do “

    57. The iCe Mythic ./

      **its good**

    58. The iCe Mythic ./

      **זה כזה טוב**

    59. Playboi_pro

      What game that

    60. NoLove Drxpyシ

      5:55 you went into the rift and I get Freakin proactive ad

    61. Jack Plaez

      Yo it's the legendary Sravis Trott skin

    62. Hypex robo

      What is the game called

    63. Melon Man

      What kind of sick rift took me into an dookie ad 5:50

    64. Smiley Face

      I want the DOWNLOAD link ASAP!

    65. Koner Sanders

      I'm on chromebook how can I play

    66. XxGkxX_-

      fortnite is already bad

    67. qexary Onthesticks

      what is the game called

    68. DRG_ Dark knight

      what is this game called

    69. ZAX


    70. chxse


    71. I am UnKn0wn

      I like terry scott better 🤣🤣🤣

    72. brazy21kx

      Pump is op

    73. TheOutsider Jess

      Surprisingly not as bad as I thought it was going to be

    74. JERRY B

      What is this game called

    75. Jaddon Ernst

      I want to play

    76. Mateus Threatt

      When he said Midas was a baddie 😂

    77. Chitapoppop

      What is this game

    78. TGs_ Avokado Lundgren

      What that keyboard

    79. Buggy

      Plot Twist: It’s actually Fortnite but it’s the Chinese version

    80. Lexi

      What game is this? It gives me nostalgia of the old fortnite :/

    81. RunnerDash [GD]

      At least it’s better than the new fortnite..

    82. Devour bell

      Make a montage with clips of this

    83. Z3R0 D34TH

      Why was Travis holding a long arm enforcer from stw

    84. jordan miller

      whats the game called?

      1. Rollensgotgame

        Fortnite 2.0 fan

    85. Umar Ibaad

      Worst fortnite ever jot recommended ha very bad

    86. Sweaty crystal fornite

      Time to to my last phase we got a number one victory Royale yea fortnite we bout to get down get down ten kills on the board right now just wiped out tomato town my friends just got down I’ve revived him now we’re heading south bound now we’re in the pleasant park streets look at the map go to the mark sheets

    87. Elkku Sad

      what would be new because so nice to watch

    88. itzjojopie

      What's that game called

    89. Xoided

      Walmart ryft💀

    90. Phoenix Legend

      i was playing fortnite with my friend yesterday and then we lost the game to the one and only travy patty

    91. natasha lloyd lucas

      What's the game called

    92. RyZeGaming

      Can I get download link

    93. Hitman Agent 47

      I don’t see the different

    94. reflex ツ

      Wats the name of da game

    95. Cripticc

      2:30 what’s the game called

    96. AngelJester

      can you put a link to it

    97. T4

      ayoo can anyone tell me what’s this game called

    98. Aj X

      What is it called

    99. MiniMight

      That ain't drift that's slide

    100. Kekoa Anderson

      Someone pls tell me the name of the meme that goes like fort nite fort nite fort nite