Buddy Betrayed Me... I'm So Disappointed.


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    Buddy my #fortnite son has betrayed me. The disappointment is immeasurable.
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    1. Rifty

      hol up was that minecraft in the video?

      1. Kerisa Perazella

        No yes

      2. yoEsy


      3. General Kenobi's Art


      4. eggdog gingy

        hold up, wait a minute is this a dog that looks like an egg talking

      5. IDK Beats

        100th reply

    2. fishymatt2011


    3. Slimy Gamestone


    4. Sharky

      Meet baby taco

    5. Adhrit Golem

      Tico is the best

      1. Mikan Tsumiki


    6. Adhrit Golem

      I like Rico more than u

      1. Mikan Tsumiki

        Please shut up- 🧍‍♀️

      2. Areeku

        Ur a child

    7. The toast god #toast god

      Banna team UNITE


      U didnt even beat him lol

    9. Dark ShadowZ

      we still haven't hit 50 k likes...

    10. UG_CharlieGamer

      Caption: .

    11. TOLERE Escane

      I dont really watched your videos riftybik kinda new around here and his name is tiki he's funny but dumb and I'll use your. Your riftynin the item shop

    12. Majed Thanvi

      This actually made me cry-..

    13. The robloxian Pirate

      Caption: when i forgot my skinny suit Girls: uahhhh come to me bub

    14. cringe man

      This is a certified buttwork classic.

    15. Yeet Man

      Not budward

    16. pelle a

      i just realized from watching riftys old videos buddy's voice is so much deeper O-O

    17. NothingAnimates

      Caption: When your mom finds out your search history

    18. Kendra D

      When he says let's beat 5200 it's 4200 rn

      1. Kendra D


    19. Out of your mummy and into my tummy

      Caption: when you eat 2 packs of sour boys

    20. Ray

      What were the memes you used

    21. TTV_FaZe_Boris

      When u need to poo but there's no toilet paper

      1. Spirit Saiyan

        So you use your hand

      2. TTV_FaZe_Boris


    22. Fire Ghost

      The worst thing about betrayal, is that it always comes from a friend

    23. loljojo 9742

      caption: me right after eating sour boys

    24. Sir Salty

      Welcome to the defaults comrade

    25. Dbzwarriow Animation

      Tiki is using a voice changer

    26. Dillo Ze Franko

      fishy on me guy been quiet since this dropped

    27. Papi Burpito

      I like he still got 51k

    28. marina barrera

      But a word

    29. YEET GECCO

      Caption: When your teacher tells you "go see what he's doing in the bathroom"

    30. ToasterVFX

      caption: when mom says theres no more sourboys

    31. Fishy with a fresh cut

      Tipo stuped

    32. eggdog gingy

      lets do 51,000 likes *has 37,000 likes*

    33. chispo1508

      Now im a banana team

    34. havicc_char YT

      Caption: epic games makes collabs with multiple games for fortnite*. Little kids playing those games for the first time “tHaTs ThE cHaRaCtEr FrOm FoRtNiTe”

    35. Razar _YT

      true fish army are clowns

    36. The_Windigo


    37. arsenfishy_gamez

      child abuse

    38. hasan imam

      sound's fishy

    39. Remi Playz

      Hey he betrayed you join the chickens 😎 fishy will betray you

    40. Godzillaッ

      That again baby godzilla

    41. Makaaa Is a bot


    42. Greg Wyant

      MY BOY!!! from MeatCanyon

    43. Legendx 7 bro init 2

      Ok bro

    44. Peter Lawrence


    45. WaterBell

      Wait y'all respect children 🤸‍♂️ 🏌️‍♂️

    46. The Opposite 321

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    47. Di Feo

      This is virtual child abduction

    48. DEATH 92

      Throw that fish back into the ocean of where he came from

    49. Ricardo Colompar

      Caption:when I open a jar of pickles for the first time

    50. Henry Meyer

      My pain is immeasurable

    51. Rivers Bengen Campbell

      Caption: when your mom wants to take a photo of you and says show me your big muscles

    52. Dweagon owo

      buddys 8?????? he sounds 15 lmaoo

    53. WickedLucky200

      This is a certified hood classic

    54. Pet


    55. HungryOtaku

      Yo you forgot linkin youre Sour Boys Page

    56. The fox

      That's pretty mean and that's illegal I'm pretty sure I don't know I'm just 7

    57. weird fish man


    58. Trevor magnuson

      Waaaaaaaa cry cry

    59. Eat Yo cereal

      Caption: When she says can u carry this for me

    60. DanTheMan 6099

      Caption: When ur mom takes your birthday money for sour boys

    61. Memer Kid

      Death To Peace

    62. Lurxz

      Why is he so quite

    63. Mark Abdul

      Fish gang for life

    64. Mark Abdul

      Fish gag

    65. Mark Abdul


    66. SHIMU AXEL

      Caption when you play superheros with your crush

    67. SHIMU AXEL

      Caption bush baby

    68. Mini and Lash Plays

      Caption: when your mom abandons you and your mom has a new son

    69. Kaji on wii

      What happened to bruh moment?

    70. Monica Castillo

      You kinda look like Johnny utah

    71. tommy :)

      7:22 my favorite part

    72. ellbie the kpop lover

      7:25 anyone here that in the background

    73. Red Devil


    74. Red Devil

      U lil fat fish

    75. Red Devil


    76. Red Devil


    77. Jay Bee

      One of the main reasons why I’m glad fortnite still exists

    78. Wkey MoNsTeR

      Don’t you mean kid trafficking

    79. AquagamingNL

      Where new upload at?

    80. Jeannita Bouhuijs

      Punish PUNISH 👊👁️👅👁️

    81. Oblivion


    82. Hunt for 10lb bass

      Anyone else unsubscribe from “fishy on me guy” after watching this. Papa Rift for the win

    83. toxxik noodle

      Caption: beating noises intensify

    84. I hate Fortnite

      Fishy on me guy is gey bruh

    85. Brandon Wright

      who else has been watching since day 1 :)

    86. Leandro Caraballo

      Where are you

    87. Leandro Caraballo

      Bro did you die😐

    88. pierre tillman

      Captain When 7 year old eats flint stone gummys.

    89. Lemon Demon


    90. conehedd !

      Caption: you’re still in quarantine but you decide to use the other arm instead

    91. Spectral Masterminerplayz

      caption boys in quarintine

    92. Akolangpwede

      Caption: When you spill water on your shorts

    93. Iam sloth

      Budwerd is no longer a qt

    94. freddon_ma

      Caption: when your 2 grade teacher says i need some boy to lift the thing for me

    95. Bran Collinge

      I haven’t watched you in 9 months bro wth

    96. yeetboyjake

      can i please get a shout out

    97. Bridoggster

      Hmm he has a voice changer but ok

    98. FLIPPED R0N1N

      This is worst than budward budoroni

    99. Ben Norton

      hes a theft aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    100. Clay Dickson

      Caption: When you bite the popcorn kernel and it doesn't shatter your tooth