Fortnite Kids Are Down Bad


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    Fortnite Kids never cease to amaze me.
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    1. Rifty

      who rockin 19 dollar fortnite card?

      1. Dancing Whitty

        I got won 2 days ago

      2. garbear201

        Ur mom

      3. Snapxi

        I don’t have it, “No more 19 dollar fortnite cards”

      4. F1shy

        @Rebecca Smith yEAH

      5. F1shy


    2. Audrie Adore

      Not sure who this is but he’s cute


      19 dollar fortnite card who wants it!!

    4. 9V76

      Marks pizzaria. 😨😳😭

    5. Israel Melville

      Guys the "notification bill" for me XD

    6. salata

      2:02 editor forgot to censor

    7. AMONG SUSඞ

      6:42 tyler? I only know tyler the creator can somebody tell me where i can find him

    8. FTW_DK

      Joshua 22:5 5 But be very careful to keep the commandment and the law that Moses the servant of the Lord gave you: to love the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him, to keep his commands, to hold fast to him and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul."

    9. Ryan Wendland

      who else paused at 2:01 to read the original text

    10. Martin Hlebič

      Hi is a riaksion cenal

    11. Mason MacCracken

      Roasted toasted packaged up and posted

    12. TheMaskedJedi

      I may understand that guy's language probably

    13. Wiley TT

      I am a simp super intense mine craft player

    14. Booya Gamer07

      That 11 year old kid is going places Like the asylum.

    15. tyus9260 tyus9260

      Legend goes he could never sit back down

    16. Hafiz Hotaki

      Nintendo switch has the same aim assist any other console

    17. Andrew Romero


    18. F1shy


    19. yo wassup

      Literally one of my school ipads had a renegade raider as a wallpaper

    20. SANOOOR’s LIFE

      Rift btw that old man rapper dude was actually standing up for his country an the language was Arabic wish u read this

    21. Martha Schwarz


    22. Chez Burgen

      Why do have to censor out swears yet you can have a hoodie that has swears in Russian And not censor it

    23. Lil Yeetys

      4:30 its the orange juice guy

    24. Malek Ibrahim

      6:55 he is speaking arabic i guess

    25. shmeggoss

      Rifts kinda sus

    26. Sponge Gaming

      4:16 his hair looks like hot cheetos

    27. Brady James

      I agree guacymoley should be in fortnite and yes I not that is spelled wrong

    28. twisted fox


      1. twisted fox

        Bro he call a Asian oompaville but he be like oompaville (not being mean)

    29. Emma Noble

      I saw that mesege

    30. David

      You can't like this comment if you never started on a flip phone.

    31. fish fn

      That guy speaking in a different language is where epic games got their npc voice acting from

    32. Not Finding Super

      9:00 my man just went to Brazil

    33. Scott0MATIK 103

      5:18 dude flew

    34. Matthew Mcgraw

      Why is rifty’s phone a Nintendo DS

    35. Adam Hamilton

      Dude I can literally shows u what he says in the begining

    36. Matthias Wilmott

      6:55 don't worry he's speaking enchanting table

      1. Martha Schwarz


    37. Natalie Nelson

      5:02 ShE oN xGaMeS mOdE

    38. jaffy

      No mateing no god plees😂

    39. The Dootsterr

      Dumb and dumber tiktok edition

    40. therealmtidom

      3:42 iphone normies, get a more alpha chad phone

    41. Kxifed

      they are way more down bad to be even considered a human

    42. Julian Romera

      Rifty's phone is a ipad😭😭😭

    43. Not_Yarinari _

      1:15 this kid looks like a Chubby pizza roll

    44. Supreme Scorpions

      he just does this to have fun watching Fornite H3NT4I

    45. beatle

      3:50 it looks like a wallet to me.

    46. Not_Yarinari _


    47. Not_Yarinari _


    48. Goofygamer

      I am laughing

    49. Patrick Krason


    50. AKA Rexy

      I hit the like button🙂 4 times😈

    51. Not_Yarinari _

      7:10, Lil Arabian

    52. Not_Yarinari _


    53. Crip.Walter

      Down bad do you mean Down syndrome?

    54. Ohh Rexzy

      11:13 man's had enough money for a ps5 but not a good gaming setup

    55. Not_Yarinari _


    56. Not_Yarinari _


    57. Ninna's Noises


    58. Dark Nova

      Who said fortnite please add mating wtf

    59. Cole

      His phone looks like a brick ngl

    60. Thomas Sampson

      4:16 my man do be looking like a duracell battery!!!!!

    61. obito_ uchiha


    62. WaterBell


    63. A Canadian

      Who ever thinks the a scar-l is from fortnite IMA SLAP YOU

    64. Iloverobloxking 9000 2.0

      The pfp 12:20 it scares me

    65. Bendy [kind] [half human]


    66. krista price

      the fortnite kids be bricked up from justn 😂

    67. Pinkverse

      5:56 when you wake up and Ur mom is talking to you

    68. Master Aydan

      Nintendo switch forever

    69. qtlqst

      yo cole i’m american indian and let me tell you, your indian accent is mad fire

    70. PulseR X

      Wow that 11 year old is sus

    71. Ben’s Cats

      10:41 Watch in 0.5x speed for whatever reason it’s funnier then normal speed

    72. Lennart Erb

      Your cutting style is identical to oompaville

    73. J.c.

      I totally don’t have a Spotify playlist full of Fortnite emotes

    74. Midas is Happy

      6:56 he is saying Arabic

      1. Midas is Happy

        I’m Arabian

    75. Wither Studios

      Discount OompaVille Lmao

    76. Supa Frog

      Phone? Nah mate that's a mini IPad

    77. Saud

      I know wath he is saying 6:55

    78. Enrico De Castro Tacchi


      1. Martha Schwarz

        Da hell

    79. krazyboy9

      I think fort it’s needs to raise the age u need to be in order to play to idk 14

    80. Kaiser Of Panzers

      This is why Fortnite kids should be put down with a lethal injection or give em the old yeller treatment

    81. Onee suguya

      nice t shirt man where did u get it?

    82. Goofy

      6:58 He spittin straight facts.

    83. BlackGokuツ

      2:01 didnt blur it lol

    84. Kole Trevizo

      My phone opens and closes I got a flip phone

    85. Joseph RobloxGamer

      5:27 da babeh be doin da skrrr! Helen dont worry about the babeh they doing drifts downtown

    86. Bibidy bob

      19 dollar fortnite card who wants it?and yes I’m giving it away!

    87. Kian Langkow

      What does it say om the shirt??

    88. jochem philips

      Im on switch and that’s not true

    89. Fusion Gaming

      The thumbnail: Lets add sage mode to a tailed beast bomb

    90. Christopher De Leon

      6:32 why you do him like that

    91. Springtrap

      Epic please add mating in fortnite What?

    92. Lucidistic

      Am i the only one that wants epic gams to add back fortnite merge accounts?

    93. breakfast82

      fortnite mating call: he’s whited he’s whites he’s whites he’s whited

    94. MythicSlifer

      8:29 she'll be on point for roll call

    95. Liam Irmer

      Hey it's oompavilles friend

    96. Debra Beal

      No way I was 3 omg my dream

    97. RIZ TIME

      I have blue bubble

    98. OG Meteor

      So nobody is Gonna Talk about the Donkey Kong country Music?

    99. Bridget Jimenez

      2:01 pause it it is fucking weird.

    100. Typical, Tactical, Tickling Tackle.

      Rifty’s shirt though 💀💀