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    battleroyale still boring tho lol
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    1. Virk

      visitor: literally dying the player: 🧍‍♀️🧍

    2. Alex Wildermuth

      I just realized... The Foundation has to be insanely weak, Jones was at 1 hp and the Foundation couldn't eliminate him.

      1. King Chaos

        @Alex Wildermuth he would of died

      2. Alex Wildermuth

        @King Chaos Yes, but how do you know he has shield?

      3. King Chaos

        You think he would go into a battle and a place with a source of all reality that could explode any second without sheild

      4. King Chaos

        He had sheild

    3. Axel Martinez,

      1:27 it’s like they say cheif finishes the fight

    4. GamerFreakz

      the event looked way cooler at night time ingame and i see every streamer seing it at day light

    5. Naveed Raja

      For Pakistan 😂😂😂😂😂

    6. Night Shiner Studio

      You've gotta hand it to epic games, they really made their battle royale unique

    7. Cj Daoggoat

      Imagine if epic put slime in after jonsey fell in the bush and would’ve said aye everybody jonsey is a pickaxe he is at 1 health😂

    8. Black Screen

      Scenes: agent jonseys doesn’t die from a bush Reality: DEATH

    9. dame420

      Look at that alpha male saving reality

    10. Tree Gaming

      wait fortnite made this but not 1st person mode??? scam I want my money back

    11. GamingGod


    12. Clark Stoll

      The fact Jones took 99 HP and survived the head-but and kick is crazy

    13. Agent meowscles

      1:02 me and the Bois trys to get a dub but i just run be like

    14. Cateyeyt

      I like this season ngl

    15. Landhyn

      Bruh did so much grindin bro I got the 950 and I’m lvl 40 and I watched the stream around a 1hour late but fully watched

    16. Oobly Doobly

      Why does my time thing like on the bottom say -9:00 instead of 00:01

    17. tbone


    18. Chase Hollington


    19. Derek Moyer

      ze mama

    20. Xenergy Sky

      The milk ran out :(

    21. Hypxr

      Who else misses the outro from a year ago 😢. Still love this man's tho

    22. WildCrxed


    23. Angelo De Hostos

      papa cole went to get the milk

    24. Future Gamers

      Poo poo

    25. Brody Teng

      Noooo he went to get the milk 😭

      1. Arlo C

        Nooo not again 😔

    26. TopsSZN

      i love how Cole is just sitting there quiet until 0:35

    27. emiibaby

      the desc is so true

    28. SoaR RON


    29. xwalker

      Bring back daily upload loser

      1. Arlo C

        Get outta here kid he may have something more important going on in his life

      2. Mr_pinecone 25

        You don’t know what I happening in his life so stfu

    30. Theboismell

      Play some warzone bruh

    31. Soop

      Mrblocku responded to you

    32. the channel


    33. Emil Rasmussen

      Bud Word is on fortnite

    34. Meshii

      When everyone is talking about Lara Croft but no one is talking about the rock being The Foundation

    35. F1shsticks

      He went to get da milk again

    36. Calvin Idzi

      Don’t leave again

    37. GamingNascar

      Bro did he go to get milk AGAIN?!?!

      1. BuDdy

        I know bro we miss him

    38. icedoutdoinks

      where did anon go?

    39. Dweagon owo

      6:02 the zero point looks like a lotus flower, thats really cool

    40. Evan L

      Pause and go to 3:01

    41. sultan khalid alshaer

      What if the zero point is q poop bomb everyone:I think so

    42. the wizard of draws

      Where are the uploads?

    43. Stanbruh_nl ツ

      He’s gone again😪

    44. fakegamraptor 4

      Don't lie who has been here before daily upload 69

    45. MhmMao

      Anyone wanna put a counter for the amount of times he said dope?

      1. Pixel

        he said dope dope like 3 to 2 times and sick 3 to 2 times

    46. RF gaming


    47. Casual Marvel Fan

      Anyone else think the foundation sounds like Dwayne johnson?

    48. Fanitak

      When u was in the stream and he stilled trimed it

    49. Ethan Bayer

      I grew a dump truck! 😂😂😂😂

    50. Awesome Potato

      Cut your hair

    51. Jovano Prepelec

      Her: Hes probably thinking about other women Him: Shes probably thinking about other men God: YOU TWO, PLEASE STOP!

    52. Jabba Da Hut

      Fortnite campaign mode

    53. rocketbunnyv1

      come back with the milk already🥲🥲

    54. tdogYT

      Rip visward

    55. Quinton Meador


    56. Godzilla Gamerz

      Yooooo I m back

    57. Peeb

      bruh, peep this one like rlly peep this one

    58. frozengamer22


    59. ayobean

      The thicc boy that came out the metior can walk inside there

    60. Awesome Potato


    61. J z

      Don’t get it his fall damage was 99 then the visitor came and beat him up wouldn’t he be died

    62. Dashing Beaver

      He’s gone to grab the milk, eggs and ciggys again hasn’t he 😔

      1. Arlo C

        We need the king

      2. Lemon Demon

        Yup we need him back

      3. Dashing Beaver

        @Lemon Demon but I want him back on our property 😔

      4. Lemon Demon

        Yup he Hippity hoppity off our property

    63. Frank Velasquez

      This season is a certified hood classic

    64. Gaming With Danial

      Did he just for Pakistan

    65. Questionable

      *Mode of transportation* Jonesy: a highly advanced bus that can fly The seven: rok

      1. Pikachu


    66. Get juked

      Fun fact: Save the World Was Supposed to be the Main story Driven Fortnite Version. Since battle Royale Came out, Epic Games Have been Highly neglecting it. They couldn't Even Give it a proper Ending.

    67. ChickenPig Gaming

      0:01 My favourite part because it’s the start which means that i get to watch the entire thing

    68. Shpend Begu

      i just love how hes standing there reacting like: ah yes intressting

    69. XD not liam

      am i the only one who couldnt find a way to close the portals??

    70. Cleetus plush gaming

      I wish I could watch this without my crappy phone literally blowing up

    71. Kerlos Maksimous

      Daly upload never gets old

    72. Caleb D Toussaint

      you got killed by aquafina

    73. Ryan Hook

      The seven is such an amazing idea 💡

    74. epic_god_slayer77 aka Swipez


    75. Neterate

      he’s gone for the milk again isn’t he

    76. Gabriele Eli Bonifacio

      Where da daily uploads? 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍

    77. Hasfandhika Suryo Arnandito

      nooo mooore daily uploads

      1. BuDdy

        Man he go get the milk again

    78. salty potato

      I wana whach him play gta online

    79. DJXS RowH63

      Rifts I love all ur vids I’ve been watching you for the past 2 weeks👑👑👑👑👑👑

    80. SpaceRaider2020

      "Look, I know you have no reason to trust me but - RAID Shadow Legends is a free to play game for mobile and PC!"

    81. Kool Dog

      I feel like fortnite would be a good movie

    82. John Jake

      Lol its gonna explode

    83. John Jake

      The trailer good the game now my flat left ass check

      1. John Jake


    84. Holdenat 137

      Yo they got Troy Baker thats awesome.

      1. Arlo C

        Wait who did he voice?

    85. Panther

      the story and trailer and hell even mini event before you fully load in pretty good, the season ehhhhhh not so much

    86. Vorxe Loafnz

      Bro that flower that is a backbling BRUHHHH

    87. khrudie


    88. Byron Munoz

      When my dad goes to get milk but I come 😏

    89. Somerandom_Soul

      My boy I took a break watching you for 9 months but your still the best:)

    90. DareaalD K

      Pov you’re the foundation: I sacrifice my own life for fortnite

      1. Jozza

        So funny😐

    91. Isaiah Scoggins

      Happy helmet is in that trailer

    92. GreenToast


    93. Quentinw3

      The screen is blacked

    94. syphion

      im upset that he dint gat the reference to he old tomb raider game 0/10 would not recommend to a friend 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    95. Saiko Zae

      w key

    96. GDawgsGamingDen

      They did master Chief dirty in the cinematic

      1. Casual Marvel Fan

        @Arlo C for money

      2. Arlo C

        @Casual Marvel Fan THEN WHY IS HE IN IT

      3. Casual Marvel Fan

        This game isn't about master chief

    97. MAT10AS2010

      totally pokerface in the trailer

    98. ItsGlor1 YT

      For some reason it feels like dejavu

    99. GalaxyBoi


    100. Ajax Ashley

      Fact: the Skin that looks like the Visitor Is actually named... The Foundation