My Gaming Setup / YouTube Studio Tour


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    Welcome to the epic youtube gamer guy setup. #Rifty #fortnite #setup
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    1. Rifty

      watabuga cup

      1. The Nova

        waterbooger case

      2. xMuk Bear

        You thick as hell in that thumbnail SHIIIIIIII

      3. MakUwU *

        What are the specs of the pc my degenerate ass doesnt feel satisfied with only the 3090

      4. Scorpo


      5. Yusuf Elsayed

        Yeah boi

    2. DragonnReising

      Someone please tell me what that keyboard and light screen are.

    3. William Afton

      yo pierre you wanna come out here

    4. WashY


    5. JuniorzGT

      Why do you need 4 screens 1 is enough

    6. BRUH 14


    7. That Guy

      Glorious model d

    8. Squire :/

      LOL the cat saying WaKi SluSh

    9. aggelouko aka aggeellinas

      1:38 jotaro

    10. Kade

      you didnt show me what ur led lights are called

    11. LaG PCtreat

      A sentence never spoken: Lord Farquad shows me a JubJub post-it note

    12. The talking gamer

      Stek pec is my fav

    13. Emerald Live

      Why meat on screen

    14. SoaR RanDUMs

      Are u ok

    15. XDHuskero

      I think Cole kidnapped kids and put them in his closet so that's why he blurred it

    16. Warzoneclipz 14

      What is that chair called and where can I get it

    17. FudgeYT

      This intro is like the early 2000s but with better quality.

    18. TK Kermit

      Can i get a link to it


      Kids when they put so much memes on there videos:

    20. Weekly The god of memes420


    21. I'mAutisticBtw

      i have a shirt and a hoodie that has bold and brash on it

    22. Just an ordinary cat

      When people ask me what Texans look like I show them this thumbnail

    23. Cryberrysprite ._.

      What happened to the BED

    24. Racey Maesy

      yooooo where you get that lamp

    25. xMuk Bear

      Why you look so thick in that thumbnail DAMMM

    26. Qlozyy


    27. Awoken gaming

      2 mil subscribers special should be what his closet looks like

    28. Random_content Guy

      My internet is “hard” too fix...

    29. Random_content Guy

      Somethings hard now 😬🥱😵

    30. Sceptic Indian man

      I feel so flexed on right now

    31. Dylan Ford

      I'm early don't worry I still made it

    32. Dennis Abernathy


    33. Torspawn

      this needs the slap like now.... 3! 2! 1! GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!

    34. Aaliyah Zuniga

      Yo why is Connie on your screen👁👄👁

    35. TheRealWaffleIronShow

      Rifty’s entire channel is just a shitpost with quality

    36. Kristi Bagwell

      It’s the thick popcorn for me

    37. Marco mm2


    38. 999 bishoy '


    39. fishy on me

      D R U G S

    40. Monty Morton

      My setup is the same wtf lmao. We are twins :-)

    41. Zurixx

      S T E A K

    42. Stormy Yamada

      Plz cable management..

    43. Dallas Hunncho

      Damn long ass time for a room tour if

    44. Mauro De la Rosa

      The thumbnail tho

    45. Dak Prescott is my Homie

      It's what a burger not water burger

    46. Hampter

      i have joined steak wallpaper gang now

    47. aren kuboyasu

      Day 30 oF aSkinG For fEet piCKs

    48. NRG A

      I like how the cats like c'mon now dog

    49. lightning_chicken1

      I like it i wish you would do a tour on your editing software and what website you use to film

    50. CHS Potato

      The camera has a VR tracker on top meaning he will use that to record himself when he is in VR so righty will do VR finally!!

    51. realistic mario

      Tf was in that closet

    52. The chill penguin

      He has a thick stake Screen

    53. TRsniper


    54. Golden

      when u have so much money 4 monitors damn bro: I wished I had a gaming pc 😔😔

    55. Golden

      What them shoes tho

    56. Brandon Hjort


    57. MrPickleBeast

      HE NEVER SAID "lets all hit like at the same time. 3. 2. 1. GO! GO! GO! GO!" this makes me sad

    58. DenisM007

      you look little bit like Carlos Valdes

    59. Giveyeeto


    60. The official Jesus Christ Youtube Channel

      Your cat is fucking adorable. Tell them jesus christ loves them

    61. Marivic Amorin

      Altleast its not a house tour

    62. Ikeas Memes

      Your not a qt 🤧

    63. austinrodgers9

      I'm literally sh!ting rn

    64. bruh

      My favorite part was the quad monitor 16k S T E A K

    65. daddy- -twix

      This takes flexing to a hole other level

    66. B0T WRLD Lol

      You have the left overs from hurambae 1:39

    67. GmanGeeZee

      What is the pc case

    68. More ChrisAFK

      What’s the music bro in the beginning called

    69. CaptainAutism

      bruh play another game

    70. The Renegade

      The montage is the closest thing to drugs that aren’t drugs!!!

    71. Vibed-SWEAT

      This so flipping funny

    72. Country714 1

      Is chanle ded

    73. MelonManGaming !

      Back at again at riftys beef setup

    74. Carter Gibson

      old pc spec plz

    75. ShawnMan 2.2

      The thumbnail looks like a guy from homedepot

    76. Dean Mortimer

      The stakes got me laughing my head of

    77. vrtyqwrzx

      Dog meat wall paper

    78. Kaiden Ozment

      4:56 hmmmm


      No wonder he’s so hungry with that wallpaper

    80. łapiz



      Kermit the real set up

    82. Asher Gordon


    83. FakedComaX


    84. MC

      10 thing I would smash for free 1. Riftys like button

    85. Tin zoric nikolic


    86. Artic_Hurbッ


    87. Shapey

      Love the lego car on the shelf

    88. Shapey

      That's one of a hell editor

    89. Angelo8615

      COCO COLA ESPUMA 💥💥💥💥💥

      1. K1NG_4NG3L


    90. Padmini N Kumar

      Watabuga cup the cup with the watabuga

    91. Kylan Shane

      When are you actually like going to play Fortnite

    92. ViperIsTrash

      Shout-out the Whataburger boys

    93. R2 D2

      imagine using that entire setup just to hop on the hub

    94. DJ Midoriya

      Now i kinda wanna know whats in his closet😏🤤😩

    95. Max Murillo

      Fun fact :your foot is the same size of your forearm

    96. Fishy .-.

      You be rocking that goatee doe. 🥺👌🏻

    97. Adrian


    98. AWildFred

      No need to flex ur meat bro

    99. The Only Elly

      rIftoy sheterp