I Took A FORTNITE Test...


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    Today Rifty takes a fortnite test and quiz in fortnite season 5 or something.
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    1. Rifty

      after this video i have received a pigeon message asking me to become new fortnite CEO

      1. gabeross27 Rc’s

        Hears my roast. Your birth certificate was an apology letter from the condom factory

      2. RF gaming

        @I have seen enough it is now, AND NOW THE SWEATS TAKE OVER

      3. Alexander Pfening

        Only 100 replies

      4. Alexander Pfening

        @I have seen enough it already is

      5. lukeshark20

        I got 10/10 on second quiz

    2. Jaxson Thames

      Heres a roast dogwater

    3. TearsPlaysLIVE

      the chair spinning at the beginning lol

    4. Jake Juarez

      Bruh stamps grew us idk what I talking bout

    5. Janner

      I got all right

    6. PeDaPancake

      Ok Cisco remone

    7. Diego Leonardo Garrido Brambila

      1:53 that’s @Ibai

    8. TopHat ProductionS

      9:30 mate does the number 7 mean anything to u

    9. Coilex

      No one: Chair at 0:00 : 🔽◀️🔼▶️

    10. Mr_jza20

      You are poo poo

    11. MLG LEAF

      43/0 im pro

    12. Ahyrais Hernandez


    13. Izea Anaya

      Question did you see the sword before or after season 7

    14. EL HULK YT

      You are literally 0 earnings IQ you are literally bot you can't even do 2+2 you will say 4 you are right but you are still bot

    15. Litte Pikachu


    16. BigBoyTurtle

      Reys lightsaber WAS BLUE

    17. Brayden Pesce

      Ur so bad at this stuff. It was too ez. I got 67 right

    18. HermGaming

      your deffinantly smarter then the 1% people of the earth but the other 99% Yikes

    19. Max Johnson

      how dare he not know the napoleon dynamite dance

    20. monke

      I got them all correct

    21. Jasmine Navarro


    22. Andrew Pastuszek

      6 wrong and the rest YES

    23. Luke DeFranco


    24. Caleb Chikoski Hartman

      I started in the middle of season 3, AND I GOT MORE RIGHT THAN YOU BOT

    25. Stephanie shankland

      i got 8 rung

    26. 9K Malt

      Honestly you should have spent a fortnight studying fortnite facts so that you could have done better.

    27. Che kevon Small

      Not gonna lie

    28. Che kevon Small

      BRO YOU DO

      1. Che kevon Small


      2. Che kevon Small


    29. Yello Slayer

      Tf reys lightsaber is blue wtf

    30. TheLenex11

      W. L 40. 25

    31. fAt bAgofChips!

      dangggg i beat uuu you me 26|37 tsk tsk tsk *Even though i searched some answers*

    32. Mr_Wizy

      Playground was came out In Season 4 because I remember trying to cover dusty divot. Who else tried to do that?

    33. Hi2186

    34. Ben’s Cats

      12:17 in slow mo trust me

    35. DoZ Clan

      Him: you read the title Me who is blind: *visible confusing)

    36. Hunter Js World


    37. Omarfortnite314

      I got 25 I think or 27

    38. eee aaa

      Pubg is so much better then fortnite

    39. Rafa Fernandez

      Bro he's so bad its like he doesn't play fortnite. Or does he? Dun dun dun

    40. DeathM4tter

      It wasn’t a meteor that hit dusty it was a comet

    41. RF gaming

      This is a certified hood classic

    42. RF gaming


    43. Fishy 4 life


    44. [ Doggy_xoxo ]

      BTW fortnite team'd up with Disney to do a fortnite starwars event Collab and light saber's

    45. Dragon fighterdude

      Your not the only one with a fish brain

    46. stefan miguel l

      iaht4y4iu 9hjyiu9j 76mu jopby56mu87689mnu678u657

    47. Geraldo De jong

      That chair in background kinda vibin doe 00:00

    48. Ethan Weathers

      You got roasted in a toaster you are so bad at Fortnite

    49. DJ's Gaming

      I got 37 right ;-;

    50. Jade Boyd


    51. illydarkz

      The 1st event was in season 4 the rocket event if u are a og it was in season 3 basically was the 1st event with the meteors falling at of the sky

    52. Your_local_bananakin

      Th creator is stupid reys light saber is blue

    53. Your_local_bananakin

      How did you not know the election dance one

    54. Kristopher Rocha

      Got them all right

    55. Gman 123

      I got 42 right,poggers

    56. Peyton W

      Ur so bad at fortnite my mommy can beat u at fortnite 😛

    57. Adog360

      Let’s all admit, we all got more right then riftward

    58. Eiregular

      Ur keyboard is legendary

    59. Eiregular


    60. Matthew Mcgraw

      Anyone else get very mad when the quiz said “Rey’s Lightsaber” is not blue

      1. Matthew Mcgraw

        @MUSTAFA ADEM ok just wondering



    61. Dylan Sooklall

      How dare you dis stampylongnose he raised me

    62. Z̸̝̃e̴̡͍͌͂R̶̬̮͊o̷͇̱̤̅

      Rey is blue that map is bs

    63. Jordan Ross-Ladley

      Your wrong it wasn’t backpack kid

    64. Qwackamoly

      I can't believe u said stampy makes videos for babies I'm un subscribing

    65. Alex

      i got them all

    66. Shut-i Gaming

      That alien is Justin

    67. ItzTacoDuh

      I got like 40/44

    68. Qoax

      Did this man just insult stampy I WILL RUIN YOUR WHOLE CARREEERRRRR

    69. LordThor

      i got 13 L's dont know the W's

    70. COD mobile bruh moments


    71. Kyus Hallstead

      I got 4

    72. MH_STAR

      i found coconuts at coral

    73. Erikpreme23 -

      No more fortnite!

    74. Reblaster 2006

      Wtf Rey’s lightsaber is blue the dude got it right

    75. Aleks McIlroy

      2:15 uncertified hood classic

    76. Mr. Dinosaur

      I miss playground mode

    77. Fortnite Kid

      He got 69% percent of the questions right, you can look it up on Google.

    78. RaptorGaming

      Who do i keep laughing at 5:57

    79. ChaukaTee Crookswamp

      Kid got 9 out of 10 I got 10 out of wiennnneeerrr

    80. bruh

      8"16 it was in new york

    81. AKAZAJG535

      Wait don't rusty cans do 10 damage

    82. Sodaliya

      Rey’s lightsaber IS blue 🤦🏻‍♂️

    83. RamBusKey

      Fun fact backpack kid didn't actually make the floss the original floss video online was called the mash potato and was many years ago

    84. Versed

      This is a certified hood classic

    85. Versed

      the questions on the test where he fell down to go to the next answer were so wrong

    86. Pixelfigher87 Official

      He kinda looks like Cisco from the flash on Netflix in georgia

    87. nexus phantom

      R O B U X

    88. Calem Dab

      Um Rey’s lightsaber is blue

    89. NotAce

      Geee geee

    90. Bradtheboss

      That donkey Kong music tho 🤣😂

    91. Thorman 1107

      Don’t diss stampy he’s a og KGupr

    92. Infernogold8087

      Rey’s lightsaber is blue? Wtf

    93. Dianna Morley

      Don't want to see you on my for you page can

    94. Brenda Bamburg

      I got 35 right and 6 wrong

    95. M4ntizzy

      no u got better it was so a hood CLassc

    96. lukeshark20

      If you didn't smash like you got less than him I liked and got 37 right

    97. DEAD ZERO ツ


    98. Retro ‘

      Ur so bad I yea

    99. Gamer Guy

      Ur dog water

    100. TPAsher YT

      When u take the quiz ur brain aight time to sleep