Daily Epic/Funny Fortnite Moments

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  1. Mr_Whimpy Impy

    4:15 me after eating the secret surger under the stairs

  2. Bill Cipher Himself

    Caption: your doing stuff while your flashed

  3. mr fishie

    Capition wheres the lame sauce

  4. Dana Martinez

    Dump truck

  5. eyeball 555

    my guy Wii players are the best watch you mean

  6. qwade yt

    caption: when you realise that you didn’t just eat chocolate.

  7. Lorenzo Alderete

  8. Sir Anxietyyh

    1:09 🤣

  9. Audrie Adore

    Not sure who this is but he’s cute

  10. Elite Savage

    Caption: when your name is hogan barton

  11. Juana Contreras

    I got my own card

  12. Tman Foz


  13. Dain Manalili

    We want Hockeyfan0611 back.

  14. RNG6Shayaan

    im bunana sory

  15. Javier Peña

    Capition: when my mom ask for my search history

  16. Miki mouse Man

    This is not a certified hood classic he missed 4 days of Daily uploads. Even if you take the weekends off you missed today

  17. aZiDs_MeRkAeNg

    4:49 he was dk hoogan

  18. Drippzy WRLD

    i like how he had the animal crossing music at the end...

  19. JaQ

    3:56 im dead laughing

  20. Styles

    Sadly this happened to me 😢

  21. Hypnotik

    8:01 for my jojo fans what was he song? Awaken. Pillar men theme.

  22. Mr. K VR

    Wow its the youtuber symbol from fortnite

  23. Salvador Tapia


  24. doggo

    As a Nintendo player, I am very offended.

  25. *

    Captions: why is everyone saying captions

  26. fishymatt2011


  27. Gerardo Villasenor

    Caption: when rick ashley gets rick rolled by himself

  28. SuperPickle Gaming

    Tf gang

  29. Iconic Astro

    Notice he isn’t using a mouse!

  30. Ruben Montiel

    Big pp gun

  31. Valon Pllana


  32. KalThePals

    0:18 big brian time

  33. Ya boi Isaac shorts

    When you lose fortnit

  34. Nabila Bukhari

    so this man really saying that an ai is promoting my yt

  35. Kem Joseph

    I just subscribed to your channel

  36. E Tachi

    Fortnight is not the worst thing

  37. zyfynity

    caption: when the quiet kid walks in class with a duffel bag instead of his normal bag

  38. Charu Ahluwalia

    Caption: when you see pineapple pizza

  39. DeMAR. ϟ

    getting famous off comments day #3 so i can be living my dream later!! GOD BLESS. :D

  40. Deadpool 555

    ngl i accidently bought skully i feel for the mans.

  41. Diegostrax4

    thicker than the continent of antartica

  42. pato 2manuel

    Can u do the best battleroyal games then?

  43. happy konekokitten lol (not real its just a meme)

    Caption: when ur mom sees u playing G̶a̶m̶e̶s̶ experiences

  44. Korey Burris


  45. Korey Burris

    Me when my mom says pause the game

  46. E Tachi


  47. St. Louis Cardinals Highlights

    Respond to TF11

  48. Fuego

    TF11 on top

  49. Fuego

    TF11 gang 😈😈😈😈

  50. ツJulian

    wait it was only for one week?

  51. door_mighty930

    I laugh so hard 🤣😂😆

  52. Hxtedsixns

    Caption:Your uncle gives you a 19 dollar fortnite card.

  53. E Tachi


  54. Andrew Schardine

    Caption: when doctor Phil thinks your a loser too

  55. HYPE RA1D

    caption when the weak kid says he won a fight with mike tyson

  56. Conner Aldag

    Caption when your Fortnite girlfriend doesn’t want to play with you

  57. Kermit The Frog

    You are thicker then Brutid

  58. Nico Alvarez

    That the pop comesbfrom the but

  59. Eron Booker


  60. Lauren Chambers


  61. Sharky

    Derp derpy derp

  62. I Play Video Games

    Caption: 3 year old watching me warm up a Hot Pocket

  63. APS - Angel's Plush Show

    Didn’t work

  64. APS - Angel's Plush Show